Image Pulled from NoMad Hotel London Website


 With warm weather around the corner, there is a feeling of anticipation rising among us New Yorkers. This past year has been such a turmoil with the pandemic, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, that we are all in dire need of a vacation. New York is one of the most unique cities in the world and the culture here is almost irreplicable. While New York still isn’t fully open, leave it to the Nomad Hotel to bring a taste of New York to their London location reopening this May 25th 2021!

NoMad London takes residence inside the historic, 19th century building famously known as The Bow Street Magistrates’ Court and Police Station. This is their first international property so it is exciting to say the least. One of the most exciting spaces within the Nomad Hotel is their room called The Library, a living room of the hotel, reserved exclusively for guests. Serving light breakfast and lunch; coffee and tea by day, cocktails and wine by night.

NoMad London is enthusiastic on bringing in their award-winning team from the NoMad New York location; including their chef who has been intimately involved within each NoMad property developing culinary program for both restaurant and bar, their Bar Director, Cocktail Program Director, Food and Beverage Director. Set inside a lushly landscaped atrium with a soaring glass ceiling stands the No Mad Restaurant, while Side Hustle, the long-standing bar, has been taken under their wing as their take on a lively British Pub.

Currently, No Mad holds four total locations, with Las Vegas being the only other location that’s open, leaving Los Angeles and New York still indefinitely closed. It is unfortunate that us New Yorkers won’t be able to have our local NoMad Hotel opening any time soon but with talk about the UK opening up to fuly vaccinated Americans, if you ever find yourself in London, I suggest making a reservation now and give yourself the chance of experiencing this gorgeous location and unique style of food!